What If You Never Had to Guess What to Charge For Your SEO Work?

So many SEOs and Digital Marketers struggle to come up with an effective way to price and present their SEO work. They lack a procedure and proven process...and don't know how to offer more 5 Figure SEO Work!

Kill That Hourly Rate!

Once you start charging hourly, you often get into discussions about how long something took.


Spending your time talking about hours and how long a task took on an invoice, forces the conversation from outcomes, towards labor.


As someone who has built and managed large scale 6 & 7 figure SEO proposals over the last 17 years, for some of the world's best known and smaller brands, I know pricing SEO is not easy. 

  • Ever get presented with an SEO Request for Proposal.. and you struggle with what you should offer them, and how to structure the pricing?

  • Your first time providing SEO in a formal situation, but struggle with undercharging only to regret it and your client later

  • Should you price your SEO offering based on a menu of items, or by the hour? What should or should not be included? 

Fortunately for you.... I've created a solution that solves these ongoing challenges


A Proven Method for Pricing SEO

The Ideal Solution For:

  • SEO Consultants & Freelancers

  • Content Marketers

  • Digital Marketing Agencies

  • Digital Marketers overseeing SEO




In this workshop we'll go through all your offerings, assess what you should be offering your SEO clients, and some of what should NOT be included, so that you offer only what your client needs to be successful. 


What We'll Work On:

  • Identify your  clients

  • Outline the SEO offering 

  • Provide the right type of resources necessary


List of Specialized SEO Projects to offer your clients. 

Along with your training, you'll receive a list of Specialized SEO Projects you could or should be offering your SEO clients. 


These SEO projects can be sold separately from your larger end to end offering. All have been sold to Enterprise and Mid Size clients. Broaden your offering and sell more SEO



Then in Workshop #2 we'll dig into the nuts and bolts of your pricing strategy. Many SEOs are ill equipped and have no idea where or how to develop a pricing strategy. We avoid the "cookie cutter" SEO pricing approach, your work is unique and so should your pricing strategy. 


What we'll work on:

  • How to determine your pricing strategy. 

  • Always use the ROI SEO Calculator - shows your clients the real value of SEO

  • Learn how to sell your value, not the tactics


Campaign Pricing Template 

During our pricing strategy session, we'll be using this Campaign Pricing Template to help guide your pricing to be the most effective for your business. 




Finally, in Workshop #3, we'll tie a bow on this training by working on your proposal. We'll show you what your proposal should look like, and how to present it. Then develop your statement of work (SOW). We show you how to get sign off and start your SEO program with payment in hand. 

  • Learn what your proposal should include, and what it should NOT include

  • Why emailing your proposal is NOT a good practice

  • Build your "SOW" - get sign off, and get paid before the work starts


Fortune 500 SEO Proposal Template + Statement of Work (SOW)

Along with the training, we'll provide you with one of the many SEO proposal templates used on some of the world's largest well known brands... selling SEO for 7+ figures

SEO Proposals Created For...

Grab The Ultimate SEO Pricing Shortcut...

  • Assess Your SEO Offering

    (Valued at $197)

  • Agency/Consultant Pricing Strategy

    (Valued at $197)

  • Present the Proposal & SOW

    (Valued at $197)

  • List of Specialized SEO Projects

    (Valued at $97)

  • Campaign Pricing Template

    (Valued at $97)

  • F500 Proposal Template + SOW

    (Valued at $197)

  • Private Facebook Group


Total Value = $1367

Today's Price =$27


Get to 5 Figure SEO Even Faster With These Time Saving Bonuses

There's so many moving parts to effectively and successfully selling a high ticket SEO program. We've taken the time to put together a few bonuses for you to help get to that 5 Figure SEO project even faster. 

White Label Agency Guide

So often SEOs think they need to "do it all" themselves.

The fastest path to higher priced SEO projects, and more clients is to leverage other SEO resources.

This guide walks you through all the questions you have around selecting and committing to white label agency to help you grow your SEO business  

Extending SEO Contracts

It's one thing to acquire a new SEO client, it's quite another to keep them and make sure they remain your client for longer than the original contract.

We show you what's important to keeping and extending your SEO contracts

ROI Calculator

SEO is so often misunderstood.. especially by your clients!

By far the best tool in your SEO toolkit is the SEO ROI Calculator.

We built this tool for you to use with all your SEO proposals.

There's just three key numbers you need to help show any client their return.

Helps all CEOs, and Sr. Execs understand the value SEO brings to their business

Private Facebook SEO Group

Need feedback?

Have a burning SEO proposal question?

Get them all answered in our Private 5 Figure SEO Group.

There are SEO experts, including Janet Bartoli, there to help and support you along the way

Imagine preparing a 5 figure SEO proposal that was built for seven figures, looks polished and professional and leaves nothing off the table and you get that win of a signed SEO deal. 


How would you feel knowing that anytime you're asked for a proposal you're taken seriously? Or never need to second guess whether or not you priced your SEO program to allow enough profit for you?


What would the future look like for your SEO career? Skipping all the frustration of trying to figure this all out on your own, and get to highly profitable SEO work faster.


This is what the 5 Figure SEO program can do for you.

How Would Acquiring New SEO Clients Be Different If You Could:

  • Know EXACTLY what to include in your proposals

  • Use the same pricing formula used on some of the largest known brands for any size client

  • Never have to guess or ask random SEO people what you should price your SEO programs

  • Have a ready made professional proposal used on big name brands - never needing to reinvent the wheel

  • Sell larger SEO contracts more often

  • Set yourself apart from all the newbie SEOs who continue to struggle 

If you're like most SEOs or Digital Marketers, you feel like you've tried everything, from charging hourly, to giving away a free month of SEO....

Or maybe you tried a pricing idea you learned about from some Slack group, only to get the same or limited results time and time again. 


And right now maybe you're feeling worried, that it's only a matter of time before you have to give up on your SEO career because you get "priced out" of every prospective SEO contract. 


You don't have any more of your precious time to waste  on things you heard might have worked for some, or giving all your work away for free. 


What you need is a reliable and proven pricing method that works. 

Unlike Other Things You May Have Tried in The Past, This SEO Pricing Program is a One of a Kind, Simple Step-By-Step Solution Designed to Help You Know Exactly How to Price Your SEO Work, Without Undercharging and Under Resourcing Your Clients!

Because let's face it, not charging enough for your valuable work, getting burned out by overpromising and under delivering is a recipe for disaster! 


There aren't any other SEO programs like this anywhere... learn how to properly think through your entire SEO solution, price it so that you can have all the right resources in place, and enjoy the proposal process.

SEO Is Hard Enough... Leave The Stress of Pricing it Behind With..

  • A dependable method for pricing any size SEO program

  • A pricing strategy you can apply immediately to any of your SEO programs

  • The templates and tools necessary to sell 5 Figure SEO projects

  • A strategic step by step approach to apply to any SEO request for proposal in less than 2 weeks! 

...For Only $27

Why Should YOU Trust Me ??


❇️  I don't just teach this stuff, I actually do it. I practice these same strategies within my own SEO consultancy - I've seen this work time and time again. 

❇️  I've helped hundreds of SEOs, Digital Marketers, and agencies and built many 5, 6 and 7 figure SEO programs for clients like Fiat, StubHub, Bank of Montreal and many others. 

❇️  I keep it REAL. No Fluff. Ever. I never want to waste your time. I'm an SEO just like you! I know how frustrating it can be to explain the value SEO brings - and still enjoy seeing the excited look on so many CEOs, and Senior Executives faces when they realize the REAL benefits and opportunities SEO can bring to their business.

Hey I'm Janet! 


I help SEO professionals, Digital Marketers and Search Marketing Agencies become smarter, more valuable to their clients, and more profitable in their own consulting projects. 


I've been a professional SEO since 2004, before YouTube and Local Search were a thing. Back when small businesses thought it was “strategic” to have a Yellow Pages block inside that 30 pound book that no one uses any longer to realize the importance of having their own online presence turn into a lead generating machine. 


I’ve spent years working with larger clients like ADP Payroll, and Readers Digest, eventually working in-house as the global SEO lead, later on building some of the largest enterprise level SEO programs for Fiat and Verizon and StubHub - to establishing my own specialized SEO consultancy.


It’s so much fun seeing the surprised and excited looks on the faces of CEOs, and  Sr Executives who don’t understand SEO, suddenly get it, and finally realize how valuable SEO can be.


Now it’s your turn to take these strategies and practices into your own SEO business, so that you can help your clients become educated on the value placed on SEO. Find out how to build a sustainable and profitable SEO practice for yourself or your agency with “5 Figure SEO”.

Grab The Ultimate SEO Pricing Shortcut!

When you enroll in "5 Figure SEO" you immediately get access to everything here ..

  • Assess Your SEO Offering

  • Agency/Consultant Pricing Strategy

  • Present the Proposal & SOW

  • White Label Agency Guide

  • Extending SEO Contracts

  • Specialized SEO Projects

  • Campaign Pricing Template

  • F500 SEO Proposal Template + SOW

  • SEO ROI Calculator

  • Private 5 Figure SEO Facebook Group



Today's Price: $27

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